Deanna Jacome is an alumni of Montserrat College of Art, where she received her BFA in Book Arts & Art Education
as well as her PreK-8 Art Educator Licensure.  In 2015, Jacome created her own art business, Shady Tree Maker, which brings together her fine arts practice and her homemade goods.  Jacome has an art studio in Beverly, MA, at 222 Cabot Gallery & Studios. She is the Production Coordinator for RAW Boston, where she manages art showcases.   Jacome considers herself a mixed media artist, primarily working in book arts, painting, Turkish Marbling, collage, mural art, video, and photography; often bringing many of these art forms together.

To Jacome, being an artist is not just about being a painter or a book artist, it is about being a creative problem solver, who brings their creative mind to every aspect of their lives by being able to innovate, invent, analyze, take risks, and explore possibilities of what she is capable of.

Concepts found in Jacome’s art include the dissection and portrayal of her own vulnerabilities, her love of teach
ng, and above all else her fascination with the beauty of nature. Earth tones, and gestural qualities which come from the spontaneity of her thoughts and physical mark making, are qualities which unify her work.


Here is a link to an article Jacome wrote which was featured ob Creative Salem’s Website entitled, “A Girl in a Hardware Store”.