A lot of things, mainly my true start to adult hood, has prompted me to give a great deal of thought to the meaning of home.  The understanding of ourselves through where we put our bag down at the end of each day, where we sit when we take our smelly socks off, where the hamper is that we throw them into.  Where we house all of our things, where are comfort and place of belonging is meant to be.  Since moving out of my parents house when I went to college at the age of 18, I moved a lot.  8 times to be exact.  The last move was back home, to save money and figure out my life a bit back at my parents house.  Without all of the adult pressures that I hilariously thought I could handle at age 18.   I got my big girl teaching job, my lovely yet tiny apartment in Salem, a town I have a feverish love for, and my art studio, in a place I have always wanted it to be.  Shortly after moving in my parents told me they were moving to Florida, and that they would be down sizing in New Hampshire and would therefore be selling the house.  As I knew this day would come, as they have been tempted with this idea for a long time, it did not come as much of a surprise.  But what did come as a surprise was my reaction to it all.  In my heart I knew in that moment, that this “young adulthood” thing, was over.  That regular adult life had started.   There was no, fall back, not that I ever thought there was, but there really always was room for me to fail if I needed to for a little while.  I decided that I wasted to make a grand, big ole painting of the house, that has represented so much to me and my family.  So I started to sketch it.  And through my search of the image I realized something, I needed closure.  This painting would be my closure to this house.  When I was driving over to the studio on my way home from work I came up with my idea for the series.

I will be painting pieces from every place I have ever lived, and their defining characteristics.  The reason I wanted this piece to be so large, is because this house feels large to me.  In significance and actual size.  I remember the first time we went to visit it, and I asked my mom if it was a mansion.  It was so extravagant from our last home.  I knew my parents were really doing well since they could get a place like this.  I felt so proud of them.  This is the start of my series which I will be showcasing in August at 222 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA.

222 Cabot

Shady Tree Maker moves to 222 Cabot Gallery and Studios!

A week or so ago, I was notified that a studio was finally ready for me, at 222 Cabot Gallery and Studios, which has always been a dream location for me and my art practice. My studio will be not only by MY art oasis, but a collaborative space with Cali Serino, who is a wonderful musician, and a natural painter, whom I truly admire. I couldn’t be more thankful for the chance to make art babies with her 🙂

My sweet helped me pack up my studio at Western Ave and bring it all to 222 Cabot!


UMASS Lowell Turkish Marbling Class

Had the pleasure of teaching UMASS Lowell’s Art Student Union my Turkish Marbling Workshop.

During my workshop we covered a brief history of Turkish Marbling, size creation, alum application, and multiple traditional and non-tradtional techniques.  I had such wonderful time getting to share one of my greatest passions with such enthusiastic students.  Hopefully I’ve inspired some future marblers!


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Book Binding Workshops in December

Have you ever wanted to make your own journal or sketchbook, but haven’t known where to even begin? Well your girl Deanna has got you covered. Come take Book Making with Deanna at Western Ave Studio in Lowell, MA in studio 531.

*All supplies included

*No experience necessary


What will we be covering?

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  1. A brief history of “the book”
  2. How to fold
  3. Step-by-step how to sew together a 30-page book
  4. How to create book covers and attach them


Equipment and Supplies Provided 

  • Book press
  • Paper cutter
  • Bone folder
  • 20 pieces of paper each (5 pamphlets, 6 pages each)
  • Curved needle
  • Thread
  • Fly leafs for each person (bin of choices)
  • Book cloth for spine
  • Decorative paper for covers
  • Paper weight
  • Awls
  • Foam board
  • PVA (book binding glue)
  • Glue brush
  • Print out of what was covered in class for future reference

Autumn Artwork

I am resetting my studio at Western Avenue to get ready for Autumn! From dream catchers, to new Turkish Marbled products.  Here is a glimpse.

I also got to feature my Autumn flower crowns at Front Street Coffee House in Salem!
“How Do Autumn Leaves Change Color”, Pop-Up Book
Autumn Crown
Assorted handmade books
Hand-bound journal with handmade Autumn leaf paper
Miniature books
Making a new dream catcher
Fal cards
New mixed media tree painting, featuring Turkish Marbled paper

Joey’s Wedding – bridesmaids & bridal crown

I had the pleasure of making flower crowns for fellow artist Joey Pheonix, who I greatly admire.  Her and I have worked together at Creative Salem for the past few years and love collaborating.  Getting to be the artist for her wedding means so much to me.  Because Joey is not just a bride, but a bride who is an artist, she has a specific and sophisticated vision for her wedding.  Joey’s gift to the women in her wedding are my personalized flower crowns, which each speak to their own unique styles. Because these are made from fake flowers they will be durable on the day of the wedding and for continued use! They will hopefully cherish these crowns and have them as a reminder of the beautiful experience they shared with their dear friend.

I made individual tags for each of her bridesmaids

Mural at Remix

I had the pleasure of getting to paint a very meaningful mural for Remix Church in Salem, MA.  The missionaries who are associated with Remix help people all around the world.  The owner of the church, Guy, wanted a mural commemorating the first missionaries to sail into Salem on “The Caravan”.  I could feel how excited they were to have this part of their space and I was honored to get to bring it into their space.  Here are some process photos of the mural!


To get things prepared and make sure that the image will be straight and not go over the edges I bordered it in painters tape.
I started by using a full roller and adding light grey where the sky will be
I started plotting out where the shapes would be added

img_9694 img_9698 img_9706 img_9725

img_9707 img_9817

All done!

Turkish Marbling Class

Today I taught Anna and Teresa how to Turkish Marble! It was so wonderful to get to see how excited they were to learn all about marbling.  It was really wonderful to get to share some of my marbling secrets.

I went through all the necessary information, including how to use the told how to mix the size, how to aluminize and how to mix paints.  I demonstrated how to do the traditional Gel-Git, Nonpareil, and Feather designs.  Then they made their own.

All my teaching materials ready to go!
Mixing their first colors for marbling
Gel-Git technique done by all three of us!
Successfully pulling a lovely marbling print




I found out I will be teaching a Turkish Marbling Workshop at UMASS Lowell which will be a really great experience.  I am getting ready to teach 15 people to Marble in November!


I will be holding monthly Turkish Marbling classes in my studio! Let me know if you’d like to sign up!




I am making way for new Autumn products to put out in my studio and want to have a little sale! Below are the products that are available on sale.  Second item must be or lesser or equal value to the first item which will be sold full price.  Let me know if you want any prices, sizes of products! If there is something you like ask about it!

Link to my online shop where everything can be purchased



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